Trevis True


Interactive Installation

Found objects, plywood, gels, sunlight, LED, convex mirrors, e-waste, bubble wrap, LCD, speakers, computers, audio, video, Max 7, momentary switches, art history slides.


20' x 20' x 16'

#brooklynmakes was a collaborative, interactive installation of found and recycled materials, constructed during the COPENYC residency and exhibited for six weeks. Participating artists; Felisa Adderley, Abby Cheney, Natalia Espinel, Chenchi Li, Adam McGowan, Weiran Sun,  Chia-Ying Wang and Boris Ziu. Project Coordinators; Sheila Lam, Susan Luss and Trevis True. Advisor: Jean Shin

Special thanks to Brooklyn Research, COPENYC, Acumen Partners.